ChromaShare Nest Device

Product Colour Management Software

ChromaShare is a complete colour asset management solution for retailers, producers and service providers for products such as apparel, textiles, paint and plastic goods. 

Create, control and re-use your custom colours.

Connect teams and suppliers around the world and across disciplines.

Rethink the way you view your product colour development and colour library assets.

The connected heart of your colour world.

Control costs and exploit your colours.

Create and measure colours. 
Search and filter your colour library to organise by attributes.
Find duplicates. See what's practical to produce. 
 Eliminate re-work. 

Feature Image
Feature Image

Capture colour inspiration. 
Prototype virtual shades.

Explore your options accurately on screen in design context. 
Export to design software. Adobe Photoshop compatible.

Order and Approve Colour Samples.

Colour Confidence in Lab Dips and Bulks, 
by numbers or calibrated visual display. 
Approve and reject submissions,
define materials and tolerances.  

Feature Image
Feature Image

Include your suppliers.

Request lab dips from your suppliers and they can easily respond through their web browser. Receive notifications easily. 
If you want to, audit the accuracy of their submissions through spectrophotometer fleet profiling. 

ChromaShare integrates with standard desktop applications

ChromaShare offers both desktop and web-based products which can integrate with each other, as well as third party systems such as PLM or ERP, to ensure a seamless experience.  Our centralised approach to colour management brings traceability, accountability and powerful reporting capabilities which provide valuable insights into your colour process

Measure directly from spectrophotometers

No other software needed to measure colours. The complete colour QC package.

Talk to Adobe Photoshop

Read and write Photoshop PSD design files. Export palettes into Photoshop and Illustrator.

Microsoft Office Excel Support

Import and export palettes into XLSX

The technical stuff

Windows desktop

Our application sits on your desktop and communicates with the world.

  • Global reach. Your data is available everywhere, instantly. With information from across the whole business at your finger tips, you'll work smarter.
  • Security. The application connects to the ChromaShare Colour Cloud over an SSL (https) connection for improved security.
  • Advanced caching and background loading and saving means the application is responsive even when handling very large files, such as high definition images.
  • Offline working enables the application to be used even when no internet connection is available. Changes are automatically synchronised with the server next time you are online.
Supported hardware

Give us a call - we aim to support as many colour devices as we can

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Supported Monitor Probes:
    Datacolor Spyder (all models) or any that produce ICC profiles
  • Supported Spectrophotometers:
    Datacolor, GretagMacbeth/X-Rite models
  • Supported Colour Formats:
    ChromaShare CPX, Datacolor QTX, X-Rite CxF v2 and CxF v3, Society of Dyers and Colourists SDC (Current Draft Specification), Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE)

Powerful reporting capabilities form an important part of any successful enterprise system.

ChromaShare includes a comprehensive and flexible reporting solution built on Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services technology.

This robust reporting platform allows users to create their own custom reports in addition to the general purpose reports provided by ChromaShare.

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